C3P Software Released Cast-Designer V6.4
Cast-Designer V6.4 is a major release version since the success of Cast-Designer V6.2. There are more than 40 new technologies and innovations had been enhanced with the new version, such as the ‘Free Design’ for gating system, casting quotation, new generation CFD Solver, casting production, casting distortion compensation, microstructure simulation etc.
Casting Quotation:
The quotation module establishes some technical and commercial parameters concerned with the operation of the casting mould in production. It could be used whatever the quotation stage for price estimation or the production phase for detail cost control.
‘Free Design’ for gating system:
With the ‘Free Design’ module, design engineers can speed-up the gating system design from hours to minutes, also the design work becomes so interesting and easy. The design process was just like the drafting on the paper and the user can drag and move the control points in the main view in mouse in free. Even if a new user, who can start the design work after a short training, i.e. one hour or less.
New generation CFD Solver:
A new generation CFD solver has been introduced to Cast-Designer now, base on the last CFD simulation technology in finite-volume approximations to the Navier-Stokes equations. The CFD solver can handle the complex free surface problem, like surface tension, interface between the casting and mould. More ever, the Cast-Designer CFD Solver could be fully couple to the existed Cast-Designer FEM solver for thermal, stress and microstructure simulation. Both the solvers are using the same mesh system, only one additional page for the pre-process and exactly same result of post-process.
Casting Production (optimization):
Casting Production (optimization) is a special module in Cast-Designer to optimize the casting process to achieve the best productivity and cost rate, as well as the product quality.
The cycle time of mass production could be optimized, also the cooling system could be adjusted as the user defined criteria. With special technology, casting production is much quick to converge and easy to use than the existed optimization method in the market, only 3 to 5 iterations to achieve converge.  
Casting Distortion Compensation Solver (DCS):
Casting compensation is a common and useful method to correct the casting distortion after casting, but asks rich experience, and very difficult for complex geometry. A new Distortion Compensation Solver (DCS) was developed in Cast-Designer based on the mechanical stress solver. With DCS, the user can simulate part distortion and make geometry compensation automatically.
It is an iteration method to find the best geometry shape. Finally, adjustment distance of feature points could be reported and used back to the CAD system.
Microstructure simulation:
The formation of microstructures associated with solid state phase transformation during cooling or heat treatment can also be simulated with Cast-Designer using models based on Time-Temperature- Transformation (TTT) or Continuous Cooling Transformation (CCT) diagrams. Mechanical properties can then be determined from the calculated microstructure.
“Ten years ago, we decided to develop a new solution for casting business, to solve their problem, not only simulation. It was the starts of Cast-Designer. Today, we almost achieve this target.” Frank NJ, CEO of C3P Software declared, “Our solution starts from DFM, to quotation, to gating system and cooling system design, then simulation, then mass production control and optimization. It helps industry not only finds their problems, but more important, finds the right solution. Our effort will continue and our solution will be better to better”. 
更新日期 : 2015/05/21