C3P Software Released Cast-Designer V6.2

Full chain solution serve to casting industrial
C3P Software Released Cast-Designer V6.2

C3P Software, a pioneer supplier of CAX solution for industrial manufacturing processes, announces today to release Cast-Designer V6.2. The full chain solution provides a unique virtual environment to casting industry, includes part design, mould design and casting production.
Cast-Designer V6.2 is a major release version since the success of Cast-Designer V6.0. More than 50 new technologies and innovations had been enhanced to the new version, such as the Fast Mesh generation, user template of Cast-Designer CPI, the cooling channel design and online validation etc. The new version becomes more friendly and easy to use.

Cast-Designer includes the following three major modulus: Geo-Designer - the geometric base part design and analysis module for DFM (Design for Manufacturing), Designer – the gating system design in CAD base for HPDC, Gravity and investment casting, and Cast-Designer CPI – the upfront casting system and process validation system in the last FEM base CAE technology. Besides the above three elements, now Cast-Designer also pays more attention to the ‘Quality To Market’ and provides more solutions, such as the mould cycling simulation, the stress and distort analysis and the microstructure analysis recently. And, a new package named Cast-Designer production will be released in two months later, which could be used for the process optimization and cost management for the mass production companies.

Both the gating system design module for high pressure die casting and gravity casting had been enhanced, includes the interface and data structure. The CAD quality of the runner system is much better than before and similarly the professional CAD system thanks to the runner segment fillet function. The new designed interface is more effective and easy to use.

The solver development is continues improving. After more than six years works and validated by thousands benchmark, now the parallel version solver becomes the default one. Compared with the single CPU solver, the parallel version solver is using the last CAE technology, with better performance for memory management and more effective for the new operation system.

For companies with similar casting process, the pre-defined template for CPI setup is very useful to reduce the learning curve and keep setup correctly. In Cast-Designer V6.2, The system included a set of pre-defined templates which could be used for almost casting process and different applications directly.
The cooling system design interface has been re-written and becomes very powerful now. The online checking can combine the casting part geometry (EMDI) and the cooling affection together, and such analysis is hundreds faster than the traditional CAE method.

More ever, the casting simulation result could be exported to Nastran system directly, includes the porosity data, stress and strain data. For other systems, the ASCII CDF file could be used for a user routine.

“We can use four keywords to summarize Cast-Designer now, Easy, Fast, Accurate and Affordable. This is the exact needs of industry today and also the software development direction’, commented by Professor B. LIU, Tsinghua University, Beijing.


更新日期 : 2014/05/13